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If you would like more information on LaSPA Keys courses or meditation please contact us below.


Dee & Daniel have for many years specialized in Soul Path Alignment with Holistic Colour & Sound, Therapies, Meditations Workshops, Talks and Events.


D ee - Previously known as 'The Angel Aura Medicine Lady' has been working as a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist, Workshop/Meditation Facilitator and Trainer since 2003.

Gifted with natural intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, Dee started to expand her awareness further in her early 20s, when a book fell off the shelf, and developed her own ability to see auras over 20 years ago. Together with her discovery of Tai Chi and various other Meditation techniques and spiritual books, she continued her the pursuit she had as a child of wanting to know more about the unexplained and spiritual nature of things, bringing the pieces of a bigger universal picture together.

Through her own pursuit and enthusiasm to learn and develop further she received formal training in several Reiki modalities, Colour Therapy, Meditation, Hopi Ear Candling, Angel & Ascension Workshops and Readings plus other holistic practices and spiritual learnings, which she regularly updates. She has been able to fine tune this natural process and has developed it much further over the years. With her good knowledge of nutrition, vitamins and herbs , from her many years of personal study and working in a health food store. Dee has now taken her nutrition qualifications further, to bring her clients solid natural nutrition advice, which compliments her energy work, perfectly to bring a fully Holistic approach.

She continues to learn, as we all do, and add further tools, techniques and knowledge, to pass on skills both ancient and new, through workshops, training, therapies and classes.

She now uses all her tools and years of experience for LaSPA Keys ©(Lemurian advanced Soul Path Alignment). These consultations, therapy sessions, meditations and courses help others to align to the life we are meant to live in service to this planet & the NewEarth we are entering. If you are drawn here then you have a higher service calling.

Dee's  readings -  ' Thank you for your aura colour reading, It was brilliant, you have a wonderfully warm approach.' Lesley, sent via text June 2011 -


Daniel , has a spiritual outlook on life, has always had a keen interest in Spiritual and Alternative viewpoints. He is able to see the higher, lighter perspective of life's trials and joys. He sees life with compassion love and an innocent humour! Good at thinking outside the box, Daniel is good to know when it comes to problem solving and helping us look for life's signposts.

He gained formal training in Spiritual Healing in 2008. Became an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner in 2009. He completed Lemurian   Angel Reiki, Traditional Usui Reiki and BLU-e training to level 2 in 2011. He is also a gifted Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowl player , and regularly uses his skills in Meditation Classes, in which he channels through the frequency most needed at the beginning or end of a meditation or during Sound Therapy sessions. His singing bowls work well together with a set of healing tuning forks that he has mastered the use of, to bring the body in to resonance that best facilitates each individuals healing.

Daniel's healing technique and sound healing is soothing, clearing , and calming, its almost as if you are being given healing codes, it is a unique experience' - CD of Manchester

Our 1st beautiful little shop & therapy room


We gave up our small shop and therapy room in Davenport in 2012,  where we enjoyed meeting a flow of lovely people.  Since then we have used the larger rooms in Didsbury, Stockport, Ashton, Sale, and Manchester, were we are able to reach an ever larger amount of people that we were able to support on their journeys. Much love and gratitude to all who supported us in our shop.

  It is now 2020 and we are firmly anchored in the Lemurian NewEarth frequency.   We use this in our daily life and support others with their transition of letting go of the old earth paradigm....  it is a new energy of Higher Heart Centre Focus with in small community collectives, support & Harmony foundation is being created. A new evolutionary frequency has now come to Earth & pouring through us. The new experiment for earth that we have been waiting for. These are exciting times we live in with great opportunities for spiritual growth and  joyful bliss living. Karmic clearance. Embrace and enjoy your Changes and challenges. Changing & clearing Yourself of the old paradigm helps to changes the world more than you know, it is a simple yet important thought away. We can help bring your body up to speed with LaSPA Therapy sessions, which help bring your chakra's, DNA and every cell of your body mind into alignment with Lemurian based civilisation and NewEarth..  We look forward to supporting all who need Lemurian guidance.       Much Lovelight Bliss Dee & Daniel


We are happy to answer any of your questions, or requests, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will do our best to get back to you at this time of Transition. (no appointments or booking are being taken until we have created the foundation for the new way in which we are guided to work and updated this website accordingly (thank you for your patience)

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